Sunday, June 10, 2012

AssaLamualaikum and hola hola hola you'lls..
It's June already people....lots of wedding reception to attend..
and lots of fats need to be burn...let's burn them up with exercise...!!

anyway, since my last paper 27th May..the next day I got back to my hometown..Kedah baby!!

so the whole story begin with me, my mom, my sister "kak long" and her daughter Quratul Ain as the character of the story..

the first stop is we visit my late grandma youngest sister...
 so during the whole catch up story which involves my mom n kak long, I took Q.A with me with a camera in my hand..took some of the pic to share..

stroll down please...
cute cat..meoooww!!!

my cute niece..Quratul Ain..
the view is so nice..

so the next destination is head to Pantai Merdeka..
just for the record, its 12 noon by the time we arrived..
I was like..what the....HOT HOT HOT..

and the first thing that Q.A spotted was the playground so I had to bring her to play with every single thing that she wanted to play..
I was 12 noon! 

next went to Pulau Sayak...

but there's not much pic to show..

next went to Pantai Murni but that was like a pit stop before head back home..
on the way we bought Gedong chak..

okay, thats about it..later~

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