Tuesday, June 19, 2012

holidays is over now lets get the feet on the road~ !!!

excited mode

AssaLamuaLaikum and Hola everyone..

Okay the past 28th May to 19th of June or I shall call it
                                        "Awesome Holiday" has finally come to an end..auuuwww~
and this means..
"Goodbye mother, sisters, my pet Lutong n Kera (behind the house) we shall meet again one day..."
oh well, its the "TIME" for me to prepare for my new journey which is preparing for Industrial Training that is for 3 month.
but that is not exactly confirm yet since I haven't meet my lecturer and have not submit my resume, my typhoid card, insurance papers and also I haven't yet submit the form which I was suppose to fill it right after I attend the seminar for pre-industrial training course.

so, the conclusion here is I have to get back to KL as soon as possible and submit those stuff and then wait...
why wait..?
Good question...its because the procedure of the complete task for a student to achieve everything that is need to be done to get in any place such as 4-5 hotels or convention center is to

submit all I mention above
settle all the outstanding fees with the admin..
make sure that the lecturer send the request letter for you to be send to the particular place that the student want to make their practical training
once the HR from the particular place reply the letter, then the student have to attend on the particular date and begin his/her industrial training..
but wait...
not that easy as that...
after a week at the particular place...the student must send a letter back to the College to mention that he/she has started his/her industrial training and right after the first day of the industrial training, he/she must start writing the report or other word for the book is like writing your own diary which we have to mention every single thing that we do...the things that we gain for the whole day...

and the exciting part is...
interacting with customers, serve them with a smile and hoping they are satisfied with our services..

p/s: wish me luck!!!!

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