Monday, February 13, 2012

Last semester at KLMU..I hope!!

Assalamualaikum and hola hola hola dear readers....
Sorry for the late update...things happen and baby's born day by day..
yeah...pretty much does not relate to the title of my post like always..
anyway, how are you?
feeling down..?
anyway if U happen to have all 3 in 1 thinggy, my advise for U doa from Allah SWT..
InsyaAllah things will somehow work out for U..

Alhamdulillah my previous semester I pass all the 5 subject..
yei for me!!!

so since this semester is my last semester which I hope it be becoz Im already in my 8th semester so in order to get 93 credit hour, I have to register at least 5 more subject..

and so the subject which I took this semester would be..
just like below..

I only have 3 classes which is from Tuesday to Thursday..
got 5 classes only..

so I have to motivate myself so that I will pass with flying colours like the rainbow in the sky...

btw, I got a part time job...will be working soon and earn my own money..
shhh dont tell anyone okay?
I want my own ipad or maybe a galaxy tab..but donno if Im able to buy those stuff..
being a student cost a lot day by day...
Gomo Intan Gomo!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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Feshnie Fox said...

Mom said not to post details about your class time, date and venue.
It'll invite people to stalk you.