Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm in Love with u...u are one and forever be!!


HoLa HoLa HoLa dear readers...happy Sunday to all..


wanna know why I'm so happy?

so here's the thing...

I'm in LOVE!!!!

who's the unlucky guy?

oh no no no..don't say like that..

I'm not easily fallen in love with just a guy...I took time in a relationship based on certain Principe that I hold till now..

but the truth is....its not a guy..!!!
(^.^) uuuuuuu

come on not lesbian...

I'm just a girl who's in LOVE with a cake...a slice of cake from SR..

Secret Recipe of course!!!


my favorite cake would be Chocolate Indulgence, before, now and forever be!
it sure light up my moods when I eat it..

p/s: bought it because its my mom's birthday but since she's at my hometown and Im in KL so we could celebrate from a far by buying a cake and tag it on facebook...or maybe upload it in the blog or maybe put at the twitter..anywhere we can to show it to my mom that me n my sister did celebrate her birthday..yeay!!!

that's all my babbles for today....tune for next time...daaa!!!

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