Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my new hobby would be...

Hola hola hola again

as there is lots of things that we can do to fill in some of our "free time"
but a girl like me would probably have a thing or two like sewing or maybe shopping
yeah, that most likely a girl like ME would do...
the sewing part...erm...will try to work on that...which I donno when..
as the shopping as a hobby...well, for a student like me...I would prefer to do a "window shopping"
unless I already have amount of money and have the actual item which Im desperate to buy..

anyway, the actual hobby that I recently getting my head on to is reading novels..
but most likely it all ends up as a "love novel"
but who cares as long as the ending is great...I would really spend some money for that..

on my previous post that I received a RM200 book voucher...I end up using like rm100 to buy myself I own like 7 of them...great isn't it?
I mean the feelings of buying those novels..fuh...really makes me a happy women..!!!

I did borrow some of the novels from friends...
and Im kinda novel-holic now..
if that is a word for that...

anyway now you know about my new hobby...
is not that shocking for girl like me...
so now I'm hoping to get myself one of the bestsellers novel at Popular, Mph or maybe Kinokuniya! wish me luck!!!

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