Monday, April 2, 2012

Mid term break is now over~!

Assalamualaikum n hola once again people.. so sorry for letting my so-not-pretty blog just like that..
I am not that busy like business people..but somehow I have other things to do which does not include me update the blog..

anyway, a week has past just like that..and for the past a week now I have began doing my final project, assignments n trying to do some script for the role play which will be role tomorrow..
o dear o dear...Im not fully prepared for that..*unfortunately..

and so...about the past this week of mid term break...I didnt say that I use all of the time to only do my assignments and all..I did hang out with ma family, my friends...not only for entertainment, but we did go to this cool the Saujana Kuala Lumpur..5 star hotel resort n country club..went there for the sake of this final project which me n ma friends will be presenting in class for subject Safety n security in hospitality industry..

carry on...yesterday, there's 2 event or more..which held at PWTC n Mid Valley Exhibition the PWTC held this Education Fair n International Shoe about lots of people..not as much as the event happen at Mid Valley Exhibition Center...but not that much of things that Im interested in..since im not yet finish my Diploma..

and so now, I'm thinking of making myself an actual resume..for future case there's a job for me in the future...and most likely I use my SPM certificate and ask for a clerk position at the Bank..aha..

and most probably I end up using this picture in my resume...what do u think???

do u think i'm accepted for what tell me..

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black_mel said...

comelnya..secretary ok kot..or lawyer..