Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trip to Penang ~ Yan ~ Pulau Sayak!!!

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Assalamualaikum and Hola hola hola dear readers...
looks like I had such a wonderful holiday this semester..
talking about staying home a bit longer than I thought..
I will be spending my holiday till Thaipusam day..
and then I'll be heading back to Kl...auwwww...

so the trip to Penang..
why I went to Penang..okay its not for a leisure trip...I went there because to accompany my sister's to discuss the matter about her brother's soon to be married InsyaAllah by this June..
so that is how we end up going to Penang...

auuuww my cute niece.....!!!

Trip to Pulau Sayak~

my sister Wahida with Quratul Ain at Pantai Murni, Yan...

me with Quratul Ain....okay this time I look extremely fat...or...maybe because of the clothe I wore..hurm...

anyway, due to the weather of extremely hot at 12.30 noon..I was asked to bring my niece to the playground..seriously its hot meh...
because I love her so much I bring her long as she is happy..

so we head to Pulau Sayak..
on our way, we stop by beside the road....
to buy Gedongchak...its my first time eating it...its like the same as Otak-otak but its more sweeter..

the people keep stopping here so everyone could not buy more than RM10..
so that others can also buy the Gedongchak..

while waiting for the Gedongchak..I snap this picture of them sleeping...
I have to admit it was a bit of a long journey and I fell asleep myself..

finally...we have arrived at Pulau Sayak!!!


we ordered the famous Mee Udang

the famous Mee Udang..yummy!!!

okay after that we walk by the beach..
yeah2 i a bit fat here and there..
i can't help it because I can eat lots of deelicious foods for a cheaper price..
WHICH I can't have them at KL..

the view was superb...
but we did not spend a lot of time there since its almost 6 pm...
we need to stop and pray before we head back home..
so this is the only pics of us

our last pit stop at My grandmother's sister...

finally we made our way home..
it was a nice trip with my family..
hope in the future there is more exciting moment to share with all of u..
thank you for read thru my post..
have a great day everyone!!!

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