Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza won lots of awards

Hola Hola Hola...

Im just impress so much for Datuk Siti's achievement...I mean..she won a lot of awards for intuned music awards 2011..
that was like so cool...I am a BIG fan of all her songs...she got the looks, the talent and how she bring herself in the industry of music and all..well she deserve it...all the awards..she work hard for it..and I think she rocks at it..


scroll down and see for yourself...

Winners intuned Music Awards 2011

Q1. Favorite artist/band

Q2. Best male solo

Q3. Best female solo

Q4. Best single 2011

Q5. Best album 2011

Q6. Best boyband

Q7. Best girlband

Q8. Most promising artist/band

Q9. Best musical ability (vocal, instrumental, etc.)

Q10. Best MV 2011

Q11. Best use of social media (facebook, twitter)

Q12. New artist/band of the year

Q13. Sexiest male singer

Q14. Sexiest female singer

Just look at the awards...she made Malaysia proud of her achievement...go Datuk Siti...we LOVE you!!

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