Thursday, January 21, 2010

preparing a presentation for next week

for Event Management subject, My Madam Nazira gave a task for each of the student to perform our presentation next week on Wednesday as our first assessment..
throughout the topic that she will teach for the whole class this semester wiuld be 2 hours for lectures and an hour for a tutorial...
hoping that there would be a break between lecture and tutorial...
so as for the assessment marks..
it would be
for 2 quiz 15%
Assignment 20%
Mid term 15%
and Final 50%

as my first assignment 5% is given for this task..
so each students must think of an event that are connected to a hotel
or it can be involve in any incidence
or make a surprise party.........????
seriously I'm kinda confious here...
the task is sort of we have to create an interesting event, make a proposal,
as for the can be in KLMU or out or whether its in KL or outside KL

I am thinking on putting the Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi as my choice of event
since I've been to this place and I'm happy to make this for my task...
this is the pictures that I've got from the internet

very fascinating isn't it..
I've to wait a couple of days since Yana will be taking home her labtop and so I can do my assignment yet...
poor me

okay, maybe I will try my best to make this presentation something interesting that can be one of the best presentation for next week...
please pray for me!!!

p/s: if U think my ideas of this event is not that interesting,please kindly share your ideas and I'll appreciate it so much...
gladly thanked U first for it!


♠♥♠ayudeadwish♠♥♠ said...

aku pnah pegi~
rilex je tempat dia~

Hazzy Ishak said...

tak penah pegi jugakkkk

intan said...

korang rase ok x tempat nie nak jadikan event aku....aduh2 pening2 dah nie....rabu nie presentation satu ape lagi x wat