Sunday, January 17, 2010

second semester!

serious mood

for this semester, I'm taking 4 subjects and maybe thinking on taking another subject
first of all, it's Food and Beverage Service that would be on Monday
Second, Principle of Marketing on Tuesday and Thursday
Third, Academic Reading and Writing on Friday
and the last subject is Event Management which is on Wednesday

Aini babbled about me getting another subject for this semester...
actually it wasn't my fault because the procedure for second semester student HAVE to take at least 5 subject for this semester...
well...if the lecturer said that it is okay for me to just take the 4 subjects then I'll cope with that

since tomorrow my first class will commence, I will try my best to make a good impression.

had to go to bed early, got class tomorrow...


GreenKhadijah said...

good luck on your second semester!!!
:) Manage and plan your time well...

intan said...