Friday, January 1, 2010

Thank You Allah!

thankful for this opportunity....



I have the chance to breathe and live my life and continue to work on the path that I've chosen
I am thankful.
I'd be able to smell
I'd be able to hear
I'd be able to speak
I'd be able to make some more deeds
and still ask for HIS forgiveness

Maybe all of you are wondering WHAT ON EARTH am I saying right??
Well this is the story..
last night I had a very bad fever which has to do with allergic and sinus + I just notice that I am allergic to certain animals....which is the Horse which I did touch it and went to the horse track to see my sis Najmie riding it on her first lesson.
then when I came home I didn't know why I felt so itchy on my face especially my nose...
I kept on sneezing like crazy...
and sneeze
and sneeze
and sneeze
and now still sneeze but not that worst er than last night..
felt like I want to take off my nose and put it aside for awhile..
I'm not joking,
I really felt as if I'm going to die last night due to me sneezing a lot...
Have you EVER heard that it cause death too just by sneezing????
If you by any chance have the sinus..
you would probably understand what I've gone through...
Alhamdulillah, my mom gave me some tips on how to do so...
well it would be the best way for you to do so and its easy as long as you do it every time you take ablution..
it is just put in some water in your nose and sneeze it out...
(of course it is just SUNAT, but make it as it is a MUST to do so)
take some warm water and a pinch of salt...
mix it together and put it in a small teapot that has a small hole to pour the water down in our nose..and held your head a bit so that the water can run through your right nose and will come out to your left nose
(she watches it on OPERA's show)
Alhamdulillah I'm feeling a lot better after that and sleep early is a must if you are in my condition...
I woke up this morning feeling a lot better and I thank God All Mighty for the chance to let me still wake up this morning and to be able to pray Subuh again...
I could not be more happier than that...
and I hope that someday I had the chance to go for the Sinus treatment and get rid of the pain a bit
I am able to smile again today as I had the chance to breathe again this morning..

I have something to Thankful about..
Do U have one??


feshnie said...

Happy New Years!
and it's good to know you're still alive~
I still wonder though, from which blood did you get all these allergies from?

iqbalsyarie said...

salam ziarah!
first time singgah dan tinggal komen disini.

anda mengalami masalah kesihatan yg hampir serupa dgn saya.Thanks atas petua(masukkan air) tu.. =)