Sunday, January 24, 2010

sick cat...(well)

mood:sick me

sick because of sore throat
sick because of this first week assignment
sick because of a home sick
sick because I felt like it
sick because due to a short rest
sick because skip from taking medicine
sick because of the feeling itself
sick because of the weather
sick because of the environment
sick because of lack of adjustment
sick because worried too much
sick because of certain micro
sick because of the sinus
sick sick sick

You should be thankful because today, at this moment that you are not sick
that you are healthy....
that you can do whatever your heart desire rather than bring your medicine along or holding a napkin in case you feel like sneezing...

at this point in time I have A hard time thinking and trying to do my first assignment that I will present this Wednesday...
things come and go like a traffic in my head
which there is no STOP to it unless I made up my mind to sleep
then.....I had a peaceful time without thinking about lotsa stuff
is not that I don't want to think but sometimes when I think too much about it...
I end up doing things that does not give me any benefit out of it
pray that I get well before tomorrow...
good nyte~


Miss Marquis said...

god luck dear for all the upcoming things. dont give up! (*

intan said...

miss marquis,
thank you