Friday, July 24, 2009

surf and surf the web..

well I like to search for something new in the internet everyday...

especially about...

skin problems


all about disease

while doing this post i'm in the middle of doing my work and all

so got to hurry a bit...

and I donno why I've got the problems wit the water trigger..

help mummy...!

me head is spinnin' like wish mix up and end up something that does not pop up in me head!

well...lets leave the problem behind and continue on with me post for the day...

lets see...

just a few moments ago I did me work

title: Cream propolis

Propolis: comes from bees ( in a liquid)
cream propolis: ( its a cream) and can use for externally

and so on...

while doing me work i listen to a hindustani songs
from the long long time drama story called 'Hum Sath Sath Hain'
the actor from that movie is
Monish Behl
Sonali Bendre
Karisma kapoor
Salman Khan
Saif Ali Khan

yup.this is them..

Hum Sath Sath Hain - We Stand United

i just love every songs that is in this story...

very sweet...

and i have no ideAS about what to put in me post for now...

maybe i'll post something new and interesting when i get back home tomorrow!

yay me!


and that's about it..

bubye honorable readers...!


feshnie said... do you keep putting 'me' in places you have to put 'my'? Are you trying to start a new slang?

intan said...

yup..this is me way of showing to u that I'm different....anyway miss u...when are you coming home?