Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a tagged i took???

yup...I took this

You are?

A human being..i’m a girl remember...? (wink wink)

Your age?
sweet 22…not that old…
Your weight?
45 kg….?

Your height?
153 cm…last 2 years I’ve checked…. You hair colour?
black and a bit brown red??

Your eye colour?
Dark Brown…
Your favourite colour?
Gold, Brown, Black And Pink…

Your choice of food?
Chicken, Tomato Rice, Spagetti, Pizza….

Your choice of beverages?
I like Chocolate Milk Shake…and Ice Blended Cappucino…. What was the best meal you cooked?
let see…I could say a lot but I chose the Chicken Chop..long time ago daa

The worst?
It was I think a type of caramel but it turn out to taste like agar2 but still sedap!

Your Mum..
she’s the best mom in the whole wide world….!
Your Dad..
was an awesome dad ever but sadly he passed away…sob sob…

Your handphone?

Sony Ericsson k300i and the rest which I can’t count the handphone that were given to me as a present…

I got 3 of them’ which is at other people....waaa!

How many have you owned? List them down.
sony ec k300i la…

Your laptop?
don’t have one…sob sob anyone want to buy one for me???

Your watch?
got 5 of it but its just an average one…

Your best result in school?
at school got honour roll, best student and such during studying at Sherwood Elementary School,Memphis

High school once got the the best grade for class category…that sucks….!

Your best friend?
Nurul Ain, Maisarah, Sharizatul Azwa,Hasnida, Farihah,

Your best online friend?

Your first date?
was a boy from other school…..big fat liar!

Your current boy?
My current boy? Well…I’m still single…()
How many boys have you had?
7 since at school till a last last year….and then something happen..

Your reason to be left/to leave?
To be left, you should ask him. Maybe we’re not distance to be together? Branded stuff to you is.. awesome! But couldnt afford to buy it…

The best outfit you have?

A lot but I get it for a cheap price….is the one cost about RM 200.00

which didn’t count the cost for sewing it…huhu..

The worst outfit you own?
None so far..

Your enemy?
I know there are some because they are envy with what I have and sort of things that they just cant help from hating me…I didn’t know why because I never hate them’…

Your secret admirer? I acknowledged a lot but just keep it to myself….perasaan kot!
Your favourite subject in school?

You are talented in?
F&B, driving, massaging???

Describe yourself in a word.

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